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The Research Program at FAU High School

Are you interested in research? Join FAU High School’s Research Program!

Overall Program Description

The Research Program at FAU High School exposes students to research and scholarly inquiry in a variety of disciplines in order to ignite their personal curiosity. The FAUHS Research Program is a multi-course program that guides and supports students through learning basic, widely-used research skills, helping them find a faculty mentor, and through their research experience with that mentor.

What is research?

Student research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by a student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.

  • Can be done in any discipline
  • Benefits apply to students with variety of career goals

Why should you get involved in research?

  • Pursue your interests
  • Discover something new in your discipline
  • Try out your field of interest to see whether it’s truly right for you
  • Work side-by-side with expert faculty on a research project
  • Travel to research sites and conferences
  • Become a published author
  • Your research experience, presentations, and publications listed on your resume will open doors to new opportunities

Documented benefits of student research:

  • Enhances student learning through mentoring relationships with faculty
  • Increases enrollment in graduate education and provides effective career preparation
  • Develops critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and intellectual independence
  • Develops an understanding of research methodology
  • Promotes an innovation-oriented culture

FAU High School Research Program highlights:

  • 4 course series, college credit
  • Exposure to research
  • Guidance in finding a faculty mentor
  • Apply for grants
  • Present research projects
  • Publish research findings

Course Descriptions:

  1. Introduction to Research: exposes students to research and experts in the various disciplines
  2. Research Methods I: students begin building common research skills, receive guidance in finding a faculty research mentor
  3. Research Methods II: supports students as they work with mentors on projects, learn to apply for grants, create project proposal
  4. Research Methods III: continues supporting students as they work with mentors on projects, students present research findings at research symposia, learn to write research thesis for potential publication


Contact: Tricia Meredith, Ph.D.

FAU High School

Research Program Coordinator



About Dr. Tricia Meredith

Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Dr. Meredith completed her bachelor’s degree in marine biology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2004. Her first taste of research was to conduct an undergraduate thesis, during which she discovered that a certain species of marine worm employs chemical defenses to deter predators. Shortly thereafter, she entered the doctoral Integrative Biology Program at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Meredith’s dissertation research focused on the sense of smell in elasmobranch fishes (sharks, rays, and skates) and involved everything from shark fishing in the Florida Keys to electro-physiology experiments at Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex to documentaries on shark biology. In December 2011, she completed her doctorate and began postdoctoral research at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine. Her postdoctoral work focused on the taste system in mammals to determine how the hormone leptin influences the sensitivity of taste cells and communication among them. Dr. Meredith is now Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Florida Atlantic University working to develop and teach courses in FAU High School’s Research Program.

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