The multi-disciplinary experiential approach creates translational research opportunities that move imagination into the laboratory, publications, and ultimately, benefit society.

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  • 6 student and alum presentations at the 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium


  • 15 student and alum presentations at the 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • 1 American Association for Cancer Research (Nathalia Gazaniga)
  • 1 American Chemical Society (Arianna)
  • 1 LSSF (Arianna)
  • 1 Undergraduate Caucus (Nathalia Gazaniga)


  • 17 student and alum presentations at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium (21 students total, 16 current, 5 alum)
  • 1 FURC (Loren Barcenas)
  • 1 First Wave (Evan)
  • 1 Life Sciences South Florida (Loren Barcenas)
  • 1 National Council on Undergraduate Research (Loren Barcenas)
  • 2 Broward County OURI Symposium (Sabah Ali, Samantha Bodner)
  • 1 International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts (Kira Wolak)


  • 1 American Association of for the Advancement of Science (Sabah Ali)
  • 4 DtD student research showcase (Ayse Demerican, Caralin Branscum, Sabah Ali, Eamon)
  • 1 Florida Ornithological Conference (Sabah Ali) 
  • 1 Florida house of Representatives (Sabah Ali)
  • 1 National council on Undergraduate Research (Alyssa Alvarez)
  • 2 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting (Sabah Ali, Ayse Demircan)
  • 1 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting (Caralin)
  • 15 College of Education SAC Symposium (Janet Weinthal, Andrew Silverstein, Alexis Base, Sarah Gomez, Ayse Demircan, Marianna Calvert, [Alyssa Alvarez, Geoffrey Stephen], [Jessica Baran, Kenneth Nguyen, Kailee Blum], [Ahjanae Jones, Ajay Desai, Daniell Perez], Annalisa Tran)
  • 45 student and alum presented at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Symposium (45 students total, 36 current, 9 alum, 29 total presentations)
  • 1 National Association of EMS Physicians Conference (Hannah Goldman-Daleo)
  • 1 Florida Ichthyological Student Homily (Ayse)
  • 1 Wilmer Research Meeting (Jordan Vancel)
  • 1 6th Annual Conference on Analytix (Benjamin Coleman)
  • 1 3rd NANOSMAT-USA (Benjamin Coleman)


  • 37 students and alum presented at the 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium (32 total presentations) – 11 students won top awards
  • 5 NCUR in Oklahoma (Alexis Base, Alexis McCurry, Henry Castillo, Andrew Barak, Kyle Ziegler)
  • 2 Life Sciences South Florida Symposium (Alexis Base, Vithulan Sutharakan)
  • 2 9th ACM international conference on Bioinformatics, Compuataional Biology, and Health Informatics, Washington DC (Guillherme (Danny) DaSilva, Evan Clark)
  • 6 FURC (Chevara Joseph, Alexis McCurry, Andrew Barak, Vithulan Sutharakan, Henry Castillo, Nicholas Pizzo)
  • 1 New England Science Symposium, at Harvard Medical School (Chevara Joseph)
  • 2 Synapse, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (Nadia Sial, Natalia Perez)
  • 1 Tech Runway Inaugural Research Showcase, Florida Atlantic University (Nadia Sial)
  • 2 Society for Neuroscience (SfN), San Diego, CA (Nadia Sial, Maximilian Rabil)
  • 1 Florida Political Science Association Annual conference (Alexander Bruens)
  • 1 National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (Alexander Bruens)
  • 1 Midwest Political Association Alumni Conference (Alexander Bruens)
  • 1 LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering (Jade Minkoff)
  • 1 International Narcotics Research Conference (Sarah Palumbo)
  • 1 FAU Annual Summer Retreat (Vithulan Sutharakan)
  • 3 Broward County OURI Symposium (Henry Castillo, Willow Hearne, Kira Wolak)
  • 1 Biomedical Science Careers Program in Boston (Chevarra Joseph)
  • 1 IEEE Biomedical and Health Informatics (Ben Coleman)


  • 33 OURI Undergraduate Research Symposium (26 presentations)
  • 4 Florida Undergraduate Research Council (Alyssa Alvarez, Geoffrey Stephen, Aneila Edwards, Mackenzie Manofsky)
  • 1 Beta Alpha Psi Southeastern Regional Conference (Kira Wolak)
  • 1 FAU College of Medicine Graduate Student Research Day (Maximilian Rabil)
  • 1 Annual Meeting of the America College of Neuropsychopharmacology (Maximilian Rabil)
  • 1 Mentees on the Move at South Florida Science Center (Maximilian Rabil)
  • 1 Sunposium (Nadia Sial)
  • 1 Broward College Environmental Science Seminar Series (Nadia Sial)
  • 1 Flies on the Beach at Scripps (Nadia Sial)
  • 1 National Institute on Drug Abuse Genetics Consortium Meeting and The Opioid Crisis and Future of Addiction and Pain Therapeutics: Opportunities, Tools and Technology Symposium (Sarah Palumbo)
  • 1 Society for Epidemiologic Research (Sarah Palumbo)
  • 7 National Council on Undergraduate Research (Geoffrey Stephen, Mackenzie Manofsky, Marcus McGuire, Alexis Base, Laura Paola Bautista, Henry Castillo, Vithu Suthakaran)
  • 2 Society for Integrative Comparative Biology (Noa Abiri, Hannah Herbst)
  • 1 Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (Rafael Leite)
  • 1 Society of Behavioral Medicine (Rafael Leite)
  • 1 International Convention of Psychological Science (Amrita Ghaness)
  • 1 SYNAPSE (Aaron McFarlane)


  • 49 OURI Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • 2 34th Annual Small Satellite Conference in Utah
  • 3 Florida Undergraduate Research Council
  • 4 National Council on Undergraduate Research
  • 1 Life Sciences South Florida


  • 38 OURI Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • 3 Florida Blue Health Challenge
  • 2 FAU Data, Analytics and AI Conference
  • 1 Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Research and Scholarship Day
  • 1 Life Sciences South Florida Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • 1 International Narcotics Research Conference
  • 1 Junior Science, Engineering and Humanities Symposium
  • 1 NMBios Undergraduate Research Conference


  • 63 OURI Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • 23 Wilkes Honors College Research Symposium
  • 23 Max Planck Florida Institute Senior Showcase
  • 3 Life Sciences South Florida Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • 2 FAU Data-Driven Science and AI Conference
  • 1 Florida Undergraduate Research Council
  • 1 Global Health Leaders Conference at John Hopkins
  • 1 Posters at the Capitol, Tallahassee
  • 1 Posters on the Hill, Washington, DC



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Bridged bicyclic compounds and their derivatives as neuroprotective agents and methods of use thereof

Lepore, S.D.; Dawson-Scully, K.; St. Germain, E.J.; Maki, S.L.; Bollinger, W.L.; Sial, N.K.  2019. Bridged bicyclic compounds and their derivatives as neuroprotective agents and methods of use thereof. United States Patent Office, Pub. No.: US 2019/0284123 A1.

Artificial Leaf

Suthakaran, V. 2019 Artificial Leaf. United States Patent Office, Pub. No.: US 2019/0322978 A1.

Biocompatible metal ion-chitosan hydrogels with antimicrobial properties

Singh, Satviki: Biocompatible metal ion-chitosan hydrogels with antimicrobial properties. U.S. Patent 63/298,469, FILED